Oxford Circus Goes Diagonal

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Oxford Circus Goes Diagonal


We haven't got this excited about road improvements since...since...hmm. The pedestrian crush of Oxford Circus should be a thing of the past now that work is starting to declutter and widen the pavements around the junction. New diagonal crossings will allow direct passage from Soho to Marylebone, or a Mayfair to Fitzrovia shimmy. The £5 million scheme apes similar pedestrian layouts in Japan and should be complete by November. While it will no doubt lead to faster crossings, we must remember that these things always have their downsides. For example, there's the inherent danger that the giant cross could be confusing to parachutists. And consider the risk from pirates seeking buried treasure. Perhaps they could think outside of the box (junction) just a little more. How about painting the diagonals red, with the tarmac blue and white to form a Union Jack? The red bands could then lead off to cool places like Carnaby Street and St Christopher's Place. Genius. We're wasted writing blog posts, we really are.

Last Updated 14 April 2009


I am so. Ridiculously. Excited. About this. I hate Oxford Circus, it's so stupidly busy and packed - this could be exactly what it needs. And I thought it had all been junked. A spot of fan-girl squeeing for road junctions called for, I think!


That is an awesome idea - for the diamond jubilee perhaps?


This is a great idea. The current pedestrian setup of Oxford Circus irks me greatly, with all those barriers that are deliberately designed to stop people getting where they want to. Let people walk where they want - *especially* diagonally across the junction!


Scramble crossing at Oxford Circus? Sounds familiar... http://londonist.com/2008/07/o...


I know this view well from the top of LCF ... In fact, I'll be there later this afternoon as it happens. The last time I was on the roof top a Virgin supported ambulance helicopter landed in the middle of Oxford Circus, presumably to pick up the poor squished soul who'd stopped in the road to see where all the water bombs were falling from. Sorry mate, I hope you got better real soon.