London's Bankers Turn Their Backs On Bolly

By BethPH Last edited 109 months ago
London's Bankers Turn Their Backs On Bolly

lse.jpg London-based bankers will have to resort to fizzy pop while their New York counterparties are cracking open the Cristal. In the wake of the global financial meltdown, a survey showed that Wall Street now has the top slot for compensation in a year which saw London bonuses plummet. That won’t leave much for those charities Boris wanted bankers to donate to. What will they spend their now-meagre salaries on? We think a casual clothing wardrobe consultation might be in order. Marks and Spencer? Buy! Picture by Brron

Last Updated 07 April 2009


My experience of bankers and money is that they were never spending their own so the drop in bonuses would be irrelevant. My experience has always been that 'Bolly' fuelled lunches were always expensed to the client.