Last Minute Listing: Dog Day Afternoon

By SallyB2 Last edited 117 months ago
Last Minute Listing: Dog Day Afternoon Londonists are a pretty catty bunch, but we can go ga-ga over canine cuteness too. So this mini-fest of all things doggy tomorrow afternoon caught our attention. It is hosted by the Friends of Warwick Gardens, a linear, much used green haven abutting the railway in Peckham, and offers everything from free dog chipping (mmm! dog crisps!) to pho-dog-raphy to hot dogs. And there is of course the requisite show so you can parade your pooch in no less than 10 categories. For more details, or to volunteer as a dog marshall, contact Andy Alty on 07949 883454. (Image/cakehole.)

Last Updated 18 April 2009