Jigsaw Murder Case Solved

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Jigsaw Murder Case Solved

2504.police.jpg So a 20 year old woman and a 37 year old man have been arrested and charged in connection with the body part conumdrum which has been puzzling police for the last week or so. The victim, North Londoner Jeffrey Howe, was found scattered over several counties. All pretty grizzly. But almost more gruesome has been the reaction since the man's identity was revealed. The police kindly let slip that Mr. Howe had various skin conditions, missing teeth and fungal feet. Which was really more than we needed to know. The man's neighbours paint a picture of an unpopular man who didn't like children, and even his brother damns him with faint praise, saying that he was 'selfish at times, but did what he thought was right.' Jeffrey Howe would seem to have vanished six months ago, but it seems that no-one realised that he was missing. A pretty sorry state of affairs if you ask us. And when did speaking ill of the dead become acceptable?


Last Updated 25 April 2009