‘It was us what done it, guv’

By BethPH Last edited 115 months ago
‘It was us what done it, guv’

Thames Water have fessed up to a small tunnelling accident which left 50,000 east London homes without phone or internet services and shut off traffic lights at the start of April.

The water company, who achieved the hard-won title of Worst Polluter back in 2006, hit what they referred to as an ‘uncharted obstruction’ using the entertainingly-named thrust borer, which turned out to be vital BT cables. Our inner geek is now wondering exactly how and where underground obstructions are charted.

The Great Hole of Ilford could chalk up yet another fine for Thames Water, who were fined last year for leaving dangerous holes in the ground (are there any other kind?) and for polluting a river which killed more than 7000 fish earlier this year.

Still, with the phones and internet out of action, Thames Water’s customer service department must have been breathing a sigh of relief at the sudden reduction in leakage reports.

Last Updated 23 April 2009