Thames Water Wins Worst Polluter Award

By Rob Last edited 150 months ago
Thames Water Wins Worst Polluter Award

The Environment Agency has announced that our beloved Thames Water was, last year, fined for pollution more than any other firm in England and Wales.

Well done Thames Water!

In case you were wondering, the exact amount was £128,000 over four different incidents, that's more than double any of the fines levied at its counterparts in the water industry. Two thirds of the pollution cases related to discharges of sewage to the Thames.

Lib Dem environment spokesman Chris Huhne, sums up our views quite nicely:

TBritain’s worst water company has done it again. Not content with gouging sky-high prices from long-suffering customers while lamentably failing to meet its leakage targets, it has now been found out as the worst polluter as well.

Thames Water is wasting huge amounts of money on a bogus advertising campaign, whilst polluting the countryside and failing to tackle leaks. Ofwat must look seriously at what can be done to make Thames Water change its behaviour.

Thames Water responded, saying that "the number of pollution incidents that led to prosecution is half the number it was the year before,". Or, in other words: "We made less mistakes, only the ones we did make were real whoppers."

Last Updated 26 July 2006