Thames Water Getting Fined After All?

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
Thames Water Getting Fined After All?

A while ago we reported on the somewhat confusing situation concerning Ofwat's decision to make Thames Water 'agree' to spend money on fixing their leaks instead of fining them.

Well today it it looks like they're going fine them as well.

Industry regulator Ofwat said on Wednesday it was considering fining Thames Water for customer service shortcomings.

The move relates to failures under a so-called guaranteed standards scheme (GSS) that have occurred since July 2005.

However, Ofwat said the probe into performance failures was part of a wider look into Thames's customer service performance.

The upshot is that Thames Water could be fined 10% of their turnover, which amounts to possible £140m penalty. Ouch (although from where we're standing it looks like they deserve it).

Also today the Serious Fraud Office has announced it is to investigate Southern Water for "misleading regulators over its customer service standards", because the company was "slow to respond to customers' complaints and enquiries, failed to pay money owed to them and mis-reported customer service data to Ofwat."

All this trouble over a bit of corporation pop eh? Amazing isn't it.

Last Updated 19 July 2006