Harden’s 2010 Restaurant Guide, Londonist, and YOU!

By tikichris Last edited 119 months ago
Harden’s 2010 Restaurant Guide, Londonist, and YOU!

HardensLogo.gif Back in the beginning of March, when we sat down to interview Peter Harden (one half of the mastermind brothers behind the ever resourceful Harden’s restaurant guides), we had no idea what kind of fruitful seeds we were sowing.

Now a little over a month later, we’re teaming up with the Hardens to help spread the word about their 19th annual restaurant survey. As you probably already know (or at least definitely should!), all of the survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the Harden’s 2010 Restaurant Guide, containing the results from the survey.

Got a favourite eatery you’d like to rave about or one you’d prefer to rant out of commission? Tired of having to wait too long for your bill or know a waiter that deserves a little anonymous praise? Participating in the Harden’s survey doesn’t just land you a free book but gives you the chance to weigh in with your opinions about the state of London’s dining scene.

And the cool thing is (oh yes it gets even better!), if you join in the survey via this special link, there’s a chance to get your very own “Londonist-branded edition” of the Harden’s Guide. All that’s gotta be done is to generate more than 500 complete responses via our site. Completed responses means contributing more than five reviews. Here’s that link again:


We know you want to do this. Please (we’d love to own a few copies of this Londonist-branded copy ourselves).

Last Updated 22 April 2009