Boris: Not Aiming For Number 10

By BethPH Last edited 117 months ago
Boris: Not Aiming For Number 10

It’s been all go in Camp Boris in the last few days. Our ever-vocal mayor reclaimed the flag for St George’s Day while touring London on a Routemaster bus, spoke out against the new 50% tax rate announced in last week’s budget and vigorously defended policing at the G20 protests.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s been pledging to defend London’s women from domestic violence, scotching rumours that he’s after Dave Cameron’s job and reassuring Londoners that he will stand for a second term as mayor after all.

Is this good news for London? The State of London debate on 9th May is as good a time as any to tell Boris what you think and it’s free for Londoners. It’s also an ideal opportunity for him to reaffirm his commitment to London.

Now all we need is a public holiday for Wimbledon week then we’d be top drawer and tally ho.

Last Updated 27 April 2009