Alan Sugar Mayoral Bid Gaining Credence

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 115 months ago
Alan Sugar Mayoral Bid Gaining Credence

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Okay, it's stopped being funny now. According to an Evening Standard / London Tonight survey, Sir Alan Sugar, who was approached by Labour earlier in the year about a Mayoral run, would have a good chance of beating Boris: 40% of people polled said they'd vote for the bearded Amstrad boss, against the incumbent's 32%. Younger voters and the working class are among the sections that most heavily favour the reality TV star, who immediately demonstrated his approach to the job by declaring it would be a "walk in the park". Good job he's taking it seriously, eh? Let's recall that this is a man who made his money as a dedicated Thatcherite businessman, and who until a certain popular catchphrase took off was considered a has-been. Can Labour really find nobody else credible?

Last Updated 27 April 2009