A Peek At The National Maritime Museum's New Extension

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 109 months ago
A Peek At The National Maritime Museum's New Extension

A new extension and public space for Greenwich

Bloody hell, is there something in the water when it comes to museums and their extensions? Images of the National Maritime Museum's new wing have been released and immediately (and unkindly, we think) dubbed a 'toast rack'.

The bulk of the building will be underground so it won't disturb the heritage site of Greenwich Park. The roof will become a new terrace - with those upwards-jutting structures to hold overgrown newspapers, letters or - if you want - toast. As with seemingly everything around Greenwich at the moment, the extension is due to be completed by 2012.

Last Updated 10 April 2009


It's not the ugliest extension that's been proposed thus far (see Tate Modern), but you really have to wonder why every new museum extension has to be so 'in-your-face' modern?

It's like it's impossible for these designers to build extra rooms/facades that are architecturally in keeping with the rest of the structure.