Watchmen Thames Projection 'Epically Rubbish'

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Watchmen Thames Projection 'Epically Rubbish'

Oh dear, oh dear. It was supposed to be a PR stunt like no other. Here's the blurb:

[The] River Thames will give birth to a Watchmen spectacle that is beyond the thinkable. Dr Manhattan, the blue skinned, super-powered being beloved of all Watchmen fans, will rise above the murky depths of the Thames to a height of over 70 feet and tower over all those who dare to attend.

Here's what actually happened, as captured by our fave south London site SE1:

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Meanwhile, the shivering twitterers who 'dared to attend' gave testament to the unthinkable spectacle unfolding before their dazzled eyes:

Tried to see the watchmen projection debacle from hungerford bridge - absolutely frozen. - LloydDavis

Watchmen Thames water projection last night was epically rubbish - jeremywillmott

Watchmen projection in London was a waste of time. Very poor. Still, things can only be better for 2012....I hope! - davemidd

HaHa! O mai..t'ain't no 70-footer. Dr Manhatten FAIL (dis pic should B the new dictionary entry 4 'anti-climactic') - capricornucopia

is watching Dr Manhatten rise out of the Thames... and thinking it's shit - kneedown

Seems even Dr Manhattan can't get the better of Old Father Thames, who has something of a history of quashing light shows in his realm.

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Unfortunately I agree with this article. I was cold, disappointed, and covered in projector screen spray. :(


Addendum: Ian Visits was equally disappointed.


I hear you and couldn't agree more. The best thing about it was the photos I took. I've written a review on my blog of you want to have a read and check out the photos:


The Telegraph were mighty impressed... in other words, they just copied down the press release and called it a night.

The Mighty Boof

I thought it was a spectacular display and my young son loved it, a true spectacle and a joy to see. A treat that brightened up the already magnificent London skyline.

Epically Great!

Danny Phillips

Hi there everyone, would just like to say I heard this rubbish was on here from a guy in my office and as I'd been ranting and raving about how good Dr Manhattan was he thought I should see it, after seeing it I thought I would sign up and voice my opinion as my girlfriend claire and I thought it was amazing.

Firstly Dr Manhattan is not actually real so if the group of 'Twitter Geeks' I saw are you guys that are moaning about it being 'epically rubbish', I suggest you go and find the nearest school bully and hand over your lunch money to them then you will have something to moan about.

Great effort shame about the English weather.


George The Funky Grandad

I took my wife and grandchildren to see this display and was very impressed and they all seemed to enjoy it greatly.

The cold was not an issue as we wrapped up warm however I feel it would have been better on a nicer night without a doubt. Although this is nothing the organisers can do anything about. We all appreciated the effort.

Danny less talk about bullying please son, no real need for it though one agrees entirely with the way you finish your message.

"Great effort shame about the English weather" couldn't have put it better myself.

The Funky Grandad.


It's great to see some positive views on here as well.

Whether the PR was good or bad, you should definitely go and see the movie. I was blown away.