Eau De Wee Banished From NCP

By Lindsey Last edited 110 months ago
Eau De Wee Banished From NCP

Ubiquitous car parkers NCP are fretting over smelly stairwells. Fearing their pongy parking places were driving away custom, parkers were polled about their odiferous experiences in the multi-storey. Surprise, surprise, urine-stinking, vomit-splattered, fuel sprayed concrete was not considered pleasant. Rallying opinion on what would be preferable to inhale instead and lo, baking bread, flowers and cut grass were suggested. NCP are investing in industrial air fresheners to flood fragrance through their premises, something that might put us off even more than the at least authentic and hazard alerting aromas of last night's effluent and automobile. Anyone else catch a whiff of denial here, blaming a drop in business on malodorousness, rather than the economic downturn?

Last Updated 27 March 2009


Have things changed so much? When I had a car I don't recall that there is such choice in parking in London that I tested the odor of the stairwells before paying and displaying?