Who Should Pen Olympic Song?

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Who Should Pen Olympic Song?


St Etienne want to soundtrack the 2012 Olympics. The band's music has long been inspired by the capital, and they're also noted for London documentaries Finisterre and What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day? (the latter all about the lower Lea valley). In short, they're more Londony than Robert Elms in a chimerney-sweep costume clutching an eel pie. But who else might the Olympic organisers turn to? Baddiel and Skinner have previous experience. Dennis Waterman has the cockney credentials and passion for writing feem toons. Perhaps Blur could team up with Ken Livingstone again. Share your ideas in the comments, or even have a crack at writing the lyrics yourself.

Last Updated 06 February 2009


ALW of course. Once he's done with Eurovision. Or just rehash, "It's our time, it's our time... our moment... we've earned it... lalalala... etc" Give the Twins a shot at it, mebbe. They looked rather Olympian in their greek goddess gowns the other night.


For goodness sake do not let Lloyd Weber near it - we'll all be depressed - the Eurovision Song is dismal and depressing - Stick to show tunes LW!

lucius alberts

Hi Folks ! The OLYMPIC MUSIC MESSENGERS and THE LONDON OLYMPIC SkyJays recommend that The Olympic Song for the London 2012 be in various styles representing the Global Village that is LONDON. Take five and listen to OLYMPIC SONG versions Hymn / Choir, Campfire, Reggae with lyrics in english and greek. Check them out on olympic-song.com or myspace.com/olympicsong. Cheers !