Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

Photo by Miles Storey/Torontoist

  • Torontoist discovered the ultimate backyard hockey rink.
  • DCist couldn't believe the Old Georgetown Board rejected the design for the District's first Apple Store for a fourth time.

  • Gothamist thought it was Twilight Zone week, since it started out with Mayor Bloomberg getting bit by a groundhog (the mayor suggested the groundhog was trained by Al Qaeda) and closed with Bloomberg saying mysterious maple syrup smell was from NJ.

  • Bostonist had a Shepard Fairey week, mapping his art, attending his talk, announcing his (15th) arrest, and dancing the night away without him.

  • Shanghaiist took a look at the controversy that erupted over Miley Cyrus' "Chinkeye" post.

  • Phillyist noticed that snow makes douchebags come out to play.

  • Chicagoist looked at whether or not former governor Rod Blagojevich would get unemployment benefits and then watched his appearance on David Letterman's show.

  • Londonist marveled at the effect that a bit of snow could have on the city.

  • Seattlest first dispensed with their citrus-or-sustainability guilt before posting a recipe for blood orange punch.

  • SFist saw a smattering of Mission District residents rejoice after the American Apparel-on-Valencia Street controversy ended in their favor.

  • LAist looked into the Associated Press' lawsuit against local artist Shepard Fairey and his iconic Obama "HOPE" poster; the AP says copyright infringement, Fairey says fair use.

  • Last Updated 08 February 2009