No Transport For London

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No Transport For London

deepsnow.jpg At 08.30 this morning TfL issued a winter weather travel advisory email probably way too late for any commuter presumably already standing in snow and swearing at bus stops or getting turned away from suspended tube services. Here's the latest: all buses were suspended last night and remained so at 08.30. Tube, DLR and London Overground are running but with disruption and many tube suspensions - check out the live travel news if you dare. Seems only the Victoria line is operating a "good service" right now. Do please use the comments to tell us about your travel travails this morning or to ooh and aah about how pretty your garden looks this morning. (Image / windscreen fly)

Last Updated 02 February 2009


At the risk of sounding a bit Daily Mail, this country is absolutely ridiculous sometimes. It's *meant* to snow in winter, and they had *loads* of notice that it was going to, but they still act as if it's an apocalyptic event and shut down the entire transport system (more or less). So annoyingly predictable.


Ah the joys of working from home (although I'd love to go out to throw some snow around).


From TFL's website:


Is it really, honestly that startlingly adverse and that blatantly dangerous today that absolutely nothing, not even one or two major services on main roads, could run? I can understand the services being severely affected, but I'm puzzled that everything has to stop.


Some photos from Canary Wharf.


Seems the authorities are reporting widespread minor accidents. I guess if they really are occurring all over the place the public transport managers may feel they have no alternative but to stop everything for a while.


Well, in defence of TFL, judging from what I see of how some people drive and how they are skidding across the street in even the smallest inclines I wouldn't want to be driving a bus in traffic today either.

Not a single vehicle on the road is prepared for this. Driving along main roads is probably fine, but on smaller streets it is nightmare.


London Overground was barely functional, with about an hour between trains when i turned up at 9am

easier just to walk a few miles!

though it now seems to be better.


Fair enough, Manne. As I say, I can understand a severe disruption. I was just raising my eyebrows that not even any major, main-road-only services were being attempted.


Agree, that is a bit odd (and more than a little bit annoying ;) ). Sitting here looking out the window fascinated that it still keeps coming down. Reminds me of when I was a kid. :)


isn't this the worst weather we've faced in 20 years?

with planes falling off of runways, it's not like we can pretend it's just "a bit of snow"...


I certainly wouldn't intend that, Craig. I was just expressing surprise that no buses whatsoever could be run, not even on well-treated major roads. I guess there comes a point beyond which it's not worthwhile running those, even if you technically might be able to.


Given that the majority of bus drivers have Lewis Hamilton's cornering style in mind when they get behind the wheel, it can only be a good thing that they've been given the day off.


10.30 update from TfL said (re buses):
Due to treacherous road conditions overnight throughout the London area, TfL suspended all bus services in London last night on the grounds of safety.

The vast majority of services currently remain suspended at this time. Services will only resume when road conditions allow and it is safe to do so.

The vast majority of London’s bus services operate along local authority maintained roads which have been particularly affected by the heavy snowfall.

Local authorities are responsible for 95% of the roads network in London and the unsafe condition of the roads network last night was one of the major factors in TfL’s decision to withdraw bus services throughout London on the grounds of safety.

We’re working with the local boroughs to ensure that they can do all they can to clear the roads around bus garages, so we can run services again.

A limited bus service has resumed on a small number of bus routes including routes 16, 36, and 73 in central London. We are endeavouring to increase the number of buses operating in central London throughout the day."

Good old 73.


"The vast majority of services currently remain suspended at this time."

You wait for one adverb of time, and then three come along at once.


For a nicer overall summary of the situation....

"Current TRANSPORT CHAOS threat level: PANDEMONIUM(153) "

The threat level is updated based off the published service status on the various transport websites. Both mocking our transport services, and providing real information at the same time :-)


Went sledding on Primrose Hill with everyone else. Nothing turns us into a Victorian pastiche like a snowfall. A handful of over-equipped Primrose Hill parents brought out their kids' purpose built sleds, either high tech moulded plastic or nostalgic toboggans; the rest of us ragamuffins used whatever we could think to grab on our way out. Plastic sheets, wall calendars, inflatable chairs-- someone had nicked a Turn Left sign off some poor street. My recycling bin lid was not a star performer.

Spectacular collisions all around, of the sort we would never risk under ordinary conditions.



We are endeavouring to increase the number of buses operating throughout the day. There are currently some buses running on routes 21, 36, 58, 60, 79, 83, 92, 94, 115, 126, 136, 160, 162, 171, 208, 212, 233, 256, 286, 308, 370, 427, 428, 488, 492, 607 and RV1.


I don't understand everybody's complaints. Are people so addicted to work? It's great, a day off. We need more days off. Chill!

I drove on Sunday night and it was hazardous. Very sensible in my opinion to stop all buses.