Peckham Spiked

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Peckham Spiked

1202.spike.jpg The Spike Surplus Centre in Peckham - a community/arts/allsorts centre with a heart of gold - has today lost its battle against eviction. Councils can be amazingly dim at times - the centre was one of the great buzzing assets of SE15. AND it had been an alternative refuge for over 150 years, having first been settled by nuns, and subsequently used as a poor house. Oh but that planning officials had slightly blunter pencils and somewhat brighter vision. (Image by coconinoco under the Creative Commons Licence.)

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This is very sad indeed, but rather typical of Southwark council's duplicity. They pat themselves on the back for the positive exposure the likes of the "Celebart" car park exhibition has brought to the area, but then do this to Spike.

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