One for Train Buffs

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One for Train Buffs

0702.train.jpg Should you be skulking around Kings Cross today, for whatever reason, keep your eyes peeled for a Tornado. Not of the windy variety: it is rather the name of the first steam train to be built in England for fifty years. To be precise, it is a Peppercorn class A1 Pacific locomotive, and it runs at a speed of up to 75mph (which we think sounds quite impressive). It has been built by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (whose own apparently steam-powered website is down at the time of writing), and the money for it (£3m) was raised entirely by rail buffs - now that's enthusiasm for you. The apple green choo choo is due in to Kings Cross at 13.47, and will be there for an hour before setting off back to its base in Darlington. (Image/blech)

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Keep up at the back please, rather than just recycle stuff from other sites.

Details about this were posted days ago on and other sites as well.

You could at least acknowledge the source. Or admit that you're not quite at the leading edge of what's going on.


I believe we did acknowledge the source, which in the case of this post was the BBC News article, by linking to it.

You should get over yourself.