Goodbye From Me, Argentina

Dean Nicholas
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Goodbye From Me, Argentina

2502_flag.jpg Banished bishop Richard Williamson arrived this morning on a BA flight at Heathrow, after being given his marching orders from Argentina for claiming that no Jews died during the Holocaust. He was greeted by a police escort and legal team upon his arrival, and endured less hassle than his passage through Buenos Aires' Ezeiza airport where he accosted a local reporter. Williamson, who recently had a 20-year excommunication overturned by the Pope, is seeking advice from David Irving on how to "present his views without controversy". His next move is uncertain; he should try Austria — they reward Holocaust deniers with free room and board at the state's expense. (Image / onurati)

Last Updated 25 February 2009


Unbelievable , how , why is this man allowed back into the Catholic church ?