Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


  • Paris' Velib bike hire might have failed, but Boris is still looking at Autolib.
  • Camden Market is doing better than ever. American style politics come to East London.
  • A new band, The Coolness, found their latest gig rather less than cool as they were steamed by hoodies.
  • Flags at half mast in Albert Square: everyone's favourite EastEnder, Wendy Richard, has died, sadly for real this time.
  • .Signs of Spring by mlazopulou via the Londonist flickr pool.

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    Noooo i don't want Velib to fail!


    Not sure why you say Velib has failed?

    People seem to enjoy it, the municipality gets money.

    Only Decaux makes much less dough than planned, but is that such a bad thing?


    I think it's because more than half the bikes have already been stolen, though there's some doubt about whether Decaux are serious when they threaten to give up on the system.