Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


Tonight we are:

  • ....worried about Gerry Rafferty;
  • ....dubious about 'Capital Conflict', the new gang mediation service;
  • ....cheered by the kerfuffle over Withnail's holiday cottage;
  • ....unimpressed by the forthcoming rise in water charges;
  • ....distressed to read of yet another knife crime,, this time a triple stabbing on a bus;
  • ....amused by the spitting, growling pernsioner, who has now been jailed;
  • ....tickled by Berti, a dinky new robot at the Science Museum;
  • ....unsurprised by the allegation that the Met has a glass ceiling for ethnic minority officers;
  • ....sorry to hear of the railway death of a dangerous mental hospital escapee.
  • Image by nic0 via the Londonist flickr pool

    Last Updated 18 February 2009