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Extra Extra


  • The proles won't like this: 2012 jobs are being advertised down under.
  • Mystery continues to surround the little lost Indian boy.
  • Smithfield traders want the C-Charge waived.
  • A new centre for the Creative Industries, Metropolitan Works, has opened on the Commercial Road.
  • Let's face it - London's rubbish with rubbish at any time, let alone when there's snow.
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    Last Updated 04 February 2009

    Tanya Jones

    In the interests of balance, Hillingdon council not only collected my old fridge on Monday, navigating quite a few treacherous snow-covered steps in the process, but picked my rubbish up on time on Tuesday morning as well. So, erm, horray for Hillingdon...


    Proles??? Ugh, how condescendingly bourgeoise is that! Some of these highly skilled jobs bring in £60K; Marx would turn in his grave...