Apprentice Borises Alert

By Lindsey Last edited 120 months ago
Apprentice Borises Alert

By Toguko
This Evening Standard headline momentarily lead us to believe that Boris was personally taking on 3000 wannabe Johnsons, to be apprenticed at City Hall and taught how to toss posh sounding neologisms into waffishly amusing speeches, crumple one's suit and undo one's jacket and, importantly, how to run your fingers through your hair in exactly the right way to achieve the prize winning Boris barnet of bemusement. Sadly, the story is far more mundane but potentially career enhancing. City Hall will be taking on 15 business administration apprentices as part of much the wider initiative launched this week - National Apprenticeship Week no less - to create 3000 new apprentice places in London this year.

Last Updated 24 February 2009