Wimbledon Woman Is Queen

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Wimbledon Woman Is Queen

Image by dartar from the Londonist Flickr pool
Sheepishness is... being made queen of an African tribe while maintaining anti-royalist sentiment. Which is exactly what happened to Liz Busch from Wimbledon who has been made queen of the Ewe tribe in Ghana, as recognition for the volunteer work she has carried out there since 2006.

The 59 year old grandmother is staunchly anti-royalist but could hardly refuse her coronation on 27 December as it seems 1) the decision to crown her was made without her, 2) she may be anti-royalist but as queen of the tribe, she has the chance to attend decision making meetings with the tribe's elders and do more in her line of development and support for the Ewe people and 3) it would be a bit like Richard Dawkins being worshipped as a god for his atheist bus scheme - he'd love the recognition, but it wouldn't be quite the right kind.

Nana Dansuwa the First as Ms Busch is now known is bowed to in public by the Ewe tribe and has all the trappings of royalty that she does not support in the English monarchy: a throne, a sash, ceremonial cloth and jewellery. She hopes her elevation to Nana ('queen' in the Ewe language) will raise the profile of her work with the tribe - and perhaps might be less grating than being addressed Her Majesty which no doubt is rather awkward for one who thinks we have one too many majesties in the UK.

Well done nonetheless, it's not everyday a white woman from SW19 becomes Nana Dansuwa the First... whisper it with us: long live the queen!

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