Sluggish Start to the New Year

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Sluggish Start to the New Year

0109.peas.jpg In our first non-news-but-quite-fun story of the year, we turn to the common-or-garden slug. And its unexpected guest appearance in a tin of Morrisons' finest petits pois. A Mr. Archer of Walthamstow was understandably put out to discover the slimy chappie in his daily veg, and even less impressed when the supermarket took three weeks to offer him an apology and a measly £10, uh, peas-offering. He claims that his 4-year-old son is now so traumatised that he will no longer eat tinned vegetables. It clearly didn't occur to him that showing a toddler that Fungus the Bogeyman is alive and well and living in his high tea was probably not a good idea.

Anyway, whilst we sympathise with anyone who finds anything on the nasty side of unexpected in their dinner, we have to bemoan the plate of the nation: when did we all become such wusses with our food? Stuff that comes out of the earth is bound to come out with other stuff still attached to it, and it is kind of reassuring that at least some of our grub(s) is not overly processed. And it is surely no bad thing for kiddies to learn that food does not grow in tins...

Peas by etcher67 via the Londonist flickr pool.

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