Runway Gets Goahead, But They Should Try This First...

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Runway Gets Goahead, But They Should Try This First...

Londonist's robust plan to increase capacity at Heathrow without an added runway.

Yes, it's all over the news. Heathrow Airport will get its third runway, the most controversial strip since Janet Jackson at the Superbowl.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon announced the plans about an hour ago, to the delight of UK plc and the chagrin of local residents, Tory MPs and the Mayor himself. Hoon's proclamation was greeted with twice the friction of a 747 landing without its undercarriage, as members of the Commons from all parties raised objection. Labour MP John McDonnell branded the lack of voting on the decision a 'disgrace', before being thrown out and suspended for disruptive heckling and mace grappling. Full reaction here.

If the inevitable demonstrations don't stymie plans, the enhanced airport could act as a 'hub' for high-speed rail travel throughout the UK. Schemes are afoot for more lines like the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, with routes from St Pancras to Heathrow and a new route to Scotland.

But we're a little disappointed that no one looked into our concept idea for stacking planes double-decker style (pictured). No imagination, this Government.

Last Updated 15 January 2009


There are still plenty of action groups prepared to put their bit in against runway 3 and it's new terminal 6.

If it does go ahead, over 700 houses will go (basically the entire area of Sipson), an 11th Century church and most of the hotels around the airport and the telephone exchange serving the area and the entire airport.

There are plans to put the A4 underground for just over 1Km.