In Dulce Jubilee

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Last Updated 02 January 2009

In Dulce Jubilee

0201.homeless.jpg The story may have broken a little late for Christmas, but glad tidings reach us from (Three?) Kingsbury, where a heavily pregnant Jubilee Line passenger went into labour on 19th December. Station staff couldn't quite rustle up a manger, but instead ushered Julia Kowalska into the supervisor's office, where paramedics, realising that she was too far gone to get her to hospital in time, helped her deliver a healthy baby girl. This is only the second recorded incident of a baby being born on the Underground in its long history, the first such being at the Elephant and Castle in 1924. Fingers crossed that it is a tale with a happy ending, as Polish national Ms. Kowalska is homeless: it is to be hoped that Brent Council has been able to provide her and her child with the help that they need.

Which serves as a timely reminder that there are an awful lot of homeless people out there. As the temperature drops yet again in the next few days, Westminster Council's 'Guardians' (scary, no?) have been told to be on the look out for rough sleepers, and to assist the most vulnerable. Whilst opinions remain divided about the merits of hand outs for the homeless, Londonist reckons that the price of a cuppa, if you can spare the change, is money well spent at this time of year.

Image by tezzer57 via the Londonist flickr pool.