Guns Don't Kill People.... When They're Props

By Lindsey Last edited 122 months ago
Guns Don't Kill People.... When They're Props

Fake goldies

Another grim story of kids, guns, graf, violence and hoodies? Not this time. Just a tale of a wandering Flickrpool photographer's good fortune in stumbling onto the set of Harry Brown, a vigilante flick or "modern, urban Western" in the making starring the venerable Michael Caine.

Our Mike was out at the Marks Gate Estate, Gants Hill, but rumour suggests a riot scene is going to be filmed around Elephant and Castle in the next couple of weeks. Keep 'em peeled but we suggest you should not necessarily assume a teen riot at the Elephant is the work of a film crew.... you might get hurt.

Many thanks to Mike King. Check our more shots of the kids at work on his Flickrstream.

Last Updated 30 January 2009