Christian Driver Refuses To Board The Atheist Bus

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Christian Driver Refuses To Board The Atheist Bus


Those deity-slaying omnibus ads continue to fill column inches. Today's fallout concerns Christian bus driver Ron Heather who walked out on his shift last week rather than drive a bus bearing the now infamous posters for atheism. Fortunately, his managers at First Bus agreed to an arrangement whereby Mr Heather will be allocated to less heretical vehicles in future. The pragmatic compromise shows First Bus to be an employer sensitive to the concerns of their workforce, but this is a potentially dangerous precedent when many drivers presumably hold some faith. What if they all walk out? What if someone refuses to drive a bus with Will Ferrell's face on it, on grounds of taste? Or somebody really, truly, with all their faith, can't believe it's not butter? There probably is no end to these atheist bus stories. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

Last Updated 16 January 2009