Back To Work: So, What Did You Miss?

By Lindsey Last edited 122 months ago
Back To Work: So, What Did You Miss?

Taken at Saturday's Gaza peace protest by JudyGR via the Londonist Flickr pool.

Congratulations on making it back to work on this snowy, January morning. Here's hoping you escaped commuter misery and managed to make your very healthy detox packed lunch and remember your gym kit, despite the cold snap teasing your extremities. You've probably got some catching up to do, post holidays, so here's a helping hand for what you've missed on Londonist the past couple of weeks.

  • We had a makeover and we're feeling smarter, neater, leaner and meaner. The kinks are still being ironed out but please tell us what you think. Like it, loathe it, let it be known in the comments and keep us on our frozen toes.
  • What did London look like while you were off visiting rellies or lying on a beach? IanVisits got on his bike to capture magnificent empty streets and deserted squares.
  • The Royal Institution Christmas lectures happened but fear not, science fans, you can still explore and participate online.
  • Smart new stamps showed London design icons: the Routemaster, Harry Beck's Underground map and Carnaby Street's signature miniskirt.
  • Fresh talent for our EARs - we got wind of Takeover coming to the Festival Hall in February whilst Rich and Mark tookover the Southbank in their own inimitable fashion.
  • We went to Brixton, the ballet and the RSC at Wiltons and found out what annoys diners most about eating out.
  • And, of course, we took a traditional look back at 2008 whilst Boris started making up words for the new year.
  • For more, browse our most popular entries in that panel in the sidebar or click through our archives using the links up top. If you haven't already, keep up with every Londonist post by subscribing to our RSS feed, in the sidebar over there. And welcome back, folks!

    Last Updated 05 January 2009