Wind Powered Sewage for London

Wind Powered Sewage for London

Bloggers dream about headlines like this. And ‘cos we write for the Daily Fnar Fnar instead of the Daily Everso-Worthy-but-not-much-fun we can snigger into our keyboards with impunity.

It would seem that Crossness Sewage Treatment Works are to get a 280’ high wind turbine, which will then make them roughly 50% greener than they are (in a slurried brown kind of way, we guess). They already use the somewhat Wonka-esque sounding sludge powered generator, which currently caters for 20% of their power requirements (probably quite high on account of there being over 2,000,000, um, deposits made there every day). The turbine is part of a general grand plan to improve five sewage treatment plants along the Thames, to make them stronger than before, faster than before, and, well, just nicer fluffier places to be.

We like wind turbines: their motion and grandeur is frankly exciting, and the concept of wind power is jolly satisfying. And what better place to use it than the flatlands of Essex and the Thames Corridor? The Ford plant at Dagenham has become an (almost) elegant landmark with its giant white twins, and the Kentish Flats Wind Farm is quite something to behold. 'Tis an ill-smelling wind that blows no good, after all.

Crossness sewage farm from Ewan-M’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

Last Updated 04 March 2019