Smoke Issue 13 Out Now

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Smoke Issue 13 Out Now


If you love London and haven't discovered Smoke yet, let us introduce you. Ahem. Smoke, this is a Londoner who shares much in common with you; Londoner, this is Smoke, a fanzine about our city whom you will spend a most enchanting few hours with for the price of a skinny latte. Issue 13 contains the usual mix of short stories, Sinclair-esque meanderings around little-known suburbs and the second in a short-running series of modern buildings that look inexplicably like anteaters. Matt Haynes (not to be confused with Matt Brown from Londonist nor Mat Osman from London Le Cool, and certainly not Matt Monro from Russia With Love), deploys words and pictures of the capital with the deftness and articulation of an enchanted bendy bus. Buy it now from an unpredictable selection of well-known book shops.

Last Updated 13 December 2008