Battersea NIMBYs Photoshop Themselves In The Foot

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Battersea NIMBYs Photoshop Themselves In The Foot

A local community group is so affronted by Rafael Vinoly's planned eco-tower in Battersea that it has literally blown the scheme out of all proportion. The Battersea Power Station Community Group allegedly mocked up this image of the tower's impact on historic Westminster. Looks pretty intrusive, huh? Trouble is, it's completely fallacious, according to a spokesman for the developer speaking in the Architect's Journal:

This is not an accurate representation of how the development will look...The building does not look like that from this more distant view and the location, size and height of the chimney is completely wrong. This is exactly the sort of irresponsible behaviour by the community action group that has caused so many delays to the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station.

Local pressure groups are an important part of the checks and balances against unsuitable development. But they have to stick to the facts no matter how much they object to the proposals. If the accusations are true, this community group has undermined its own cause and credibility. Let's hope they're just inept with concepts of geometry and not purposely distorting reality. Not that we can talk.

Skyscraperews has a well-argued broadside against the alleged deception.

Last Updated 08 December 2008