Weekend Round-Up

By SallyB2 Last edited 123 months ago
Weekend Round-Up

Here's what we've learned this weekend whilst you've been queuing to get into Westfield:

  • 'Obvious news' prize: kiddies are able to get hold of fireworks.
  • Disgraceful news of the day: Barnet Hospital are in hot water after dismissing a woman who was suffering a fatal brain haemorrhage
  • Predictable pun of the day: 'affair of the art' for couple who are getting married for a video piece.
  • Jolly japes of the weekend: it was the London to Brighton car rally today.
  • Bizarre story of the day: a Muslim caterer is to sue the police after being told to handle haram sausages.
  • Statistics of the day: nearly 2000 homes in London with a history of violence are effectively blacklisted by ambulance staff.
  • Picture from Jane Hoskyn's Londonist flickr pool.

    Last Updated 02 November 2008