Wandsworth’s Doggone

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Wandsworth’s Doggone

Now loverly slobbery woofly dogs we like, but those wherein the biting gives the barking a run for its Bonios make our tail fur stand on end. And there are undoubtedly a lot of the latter about in London at the moment, many of them less than well controlled, and some of them a tad illegal.

So Londonist tentatively commends Wandsworth’s ground-breaking walkie towards new legislation: from January 2009 it will be compulsory for all council estate dog owners to get their pets micro-chipped, regardless of whether they are cute or uncute. It’s a paw-step in the right direction – it will help to clarify the somewhat fuzzy law, and make our streets safer. We can only hope that other areas will follow suit: the moggies at Londonist Towers will be so pleased.

Dog piccie from dearbarbie’s Londonist flickr stream.

Last Updated 16 November 2008