Under Pressure

Dean Nicholas
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Under Pressure

Ritalin-raging kids with anger management problems in south London are to be given foot massages in order to help them curb their aggression.

Lambeth Council has ponied up £90,000 to fund a rabble of reflexologists who will travel across the borough, massaging the heels and toes of troubled under-13s. Painful bunions may not be the source of their misbehaviour; however, according to charity Bud Umbrella, which is administering the scheme, such therapy can "calm aggressive feelings, improve listening skills and concentration as well as relieve anxiety and stress". Then again, according to Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, a foot massage once led to some hapless sod getting himself thrown off a fourth floor balcony. Moral of the story? Be careful who's poking your pressure points, pal.

Fancy getting your anger under control without the bother of impersonating a truculent teenager? You're in luck: the London Anger and Stress Clinic are running a free introduction evening on 3rd December. The LASC - a newly-opened ancillary of BAAM, or the British Association of Anger Management - offers help to those for whom the red mist is a common problem. Information and contact details are here, but we should warn you, their treatments aren't exactly cheap.

Failing that, stress balls are in plentiful supply this time of year.

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Last Updated 04 November 2008


This sort of foot massage is also good at calming those children who suffer from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder). Often these children are given Ritalin, less so nowadays with more modern medicines on offer with far less side affects.

Mayby a lot of those teenagers who are getting this foot massage for Anger Management are really ASD related problems. With the current 1 in 100 of the population suffering from symptoms of ASD, who knows? where these teens ever tested?