Thames Estuary Airport Plan Inches Forward

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 113 months ago
Thames Estuary Airport Plan Inches Forward

Seems that Boris Johnson wasn't just suffering from air rage when he promised a Thames Estuary airport. Despite the various difficulties such a development would engender, the Mayor is set to appoint the civil engineer responsible for Hong Kong's floating airport to study its feasibility. Mr. Johnson's opposition to a third Heathrow runway is well known, a view he shares with his own party alongside a number of Labour MPs, while a new group argues that, by shifting more of London's connecting air traffic - which brings little in economic benefit - to the Continent, airport expansion could be avoided altogether.

Last Updated 10 November 2008

Friends of the North Kent Mars

Along with the RSPB, Friends of the North Kent Marshes are wholly opposed to the construction of an airport anywhere in the Thames Estuary because of the immense damage it would cause to the area’s internationally important wildlife and the wider environment.The whole issue was exhaustively investigated between 2002 and 2005 in the Government’s Aviation White Paper. ALL the key players, including the aviation industry, contributed. The idea of an airport in the Thames Estuary was conclusively ruled out and upheld by the High Court. In addition to the unprecedented environmental damage and the resulting massive legal implications, the investigation found that an estuary airport did not make sense economically, would not meet the requirements of the aviation industry and presented a significantly higher risk of ‘bird strike’ than at any other major airport in the UK.
It would potentially be the single biggest piece of environmental vandalism ever perpetrated in the UK. The Government would have to recreate any lost or damaged habitat elsewhere BEFORE work on the airport could start – and even then only if they could prove there is no alternative site for the expansion and it is in the overriding public interest. They would face a legal battle, which could last for years.


London, the Thames Estuary and the towns around the proposed site need the new airport. The economy of the Medway towns and Sheppey would all benefit hugely from such a development. At a time of rising sea levels new marsh lands could easily be etablished elswhere upon the East Coast to provide suitable wildlife habitat. I used to live near Heathrow and could see the planes taking off and landing. I'd like to see them taking off from the new airport from my  house in Medway in 10 years time. Please call it after the only politician with some foresight on the subject, Boris Johnson. "BJ International"!