'Do The Test' Videos - Are You Aware?

By Lindsey Last edited 122 months ago
'Do The Test' Videos - Are You Aware?

You remember the moon walking bear? We bloomin well didn't see it. Now Transport for London have augmented their cycle safety awareness campaign "Do the Test" videos with a rather am dram but equally awareness disturbing 'Whodunnit' style video as well as an actual cyclist clip both hammering home the fact that we're just not very observant, really.

TfL are proudly trumpeting that the original basketball video has garnered 10 million hits on YouTube since it launched in March and this month, the Whodunnit has been showing in cinemas across the capital. We just hope that the gobsmack factor we felt translates into actual heightened awareness on the roads rather than being forgotten as soon as the next internet meme comes along (look PuppyCam!).

Last Updated 18 November 2008