Terminal Worries

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Terminal Worries

The House of Commons Transport Committee have come to the brilliant conclusion (presumably with a runway majority) that the opening of T5 was a matter for ‘national embarrassment’. They cite lack of communication between BA and BAA, lack of training and insufficient dress-rehearsals as the root of the shortfalls, which included the loss of thousands of suitcases and the cancellation of many flights. The British do of course have a flair for pantomime, but this was one that was played out at the expense of the travelling public, and in full view of the world’s somewhat incredulous press. The report also states that BAA is too big and too complacent. So much we already know.

Of far more interest today was the leaking of details of what BA staff at Gatwick really think of us. The information comes from a Facebook page (sadly accessible only to trolly dollies and pilot types), wherein we are largely decried as “smelly and annoying”. Hm. Well, we’ve seen Mile High, so we know what to think of them back. BA management has been quick to distance itself from the Facebook shenanigans, but then they would say that wouldn’t they?

So what have we learned? Bit of a double whammy if you ask me. The system sucks, and the staff hate us. We’re going by boat next time.

Terminal, from adamjinj’s Londonist Flickr stream.

Last Updated 03 November 2008