Teen Smartiepants Passes Knowledge

By Lindsey Last edited 124 months ago
Teen Smartiepants Passes Knowledge

A 19 year old boy has become the youngest ever candidate to pass The Knowledge. Good news for the Public Carriage Office who need to attract younger drivers to the trade.

The taxing test, which takes normal people about 30 months to study for and complete, was cruised through by Kevin MacLaren in just 2 measly years, although we imagine he had an advantage in that he still lives with his parents and therefore probably didn't have to worry about holding down another job or paying market rent during that time.

A family of cabbie prodigies, Kevin follows in his big brother's tyre treads; Casey bagged his Knowledge just before his 21st birthday and now drives for a living. There's the rub, though - you can't get licensed as a cab driver until you reach 21 so Kevin's confined to his moped till 2010.... courier companies, we suggest you get this boy on board pronto.

Image courtesy of EdwardKimuk via the Londonist Flicrkpool.

Last Updated 12 November 2008