On The Go Recycling - Probing Questions Asked

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On The Go Recycling - Probing Questions Asked

London Assembly members questioned recycling experts, retailers, venues and Transport for London yesterday to find out how best to increase recycling in the capital. Many of us with an environmental bent and a weekly routine for putting out our doorstep recycling regret the rubbish we must bin away from home. Surprisingly, it seems it took a Coca Cola representative to point out to them that, less than half of their plastic bottles are recycled, so "the logical step to increasing this figure was to put “on the go” recycling schemes in place."

It's obvious, innit? Put recycling bins on the streets like so many other European cities.

But they're still not convinced and want to know what you, the Londoners, think. They've posed a set of questions to you and we'd be amazed if you came up with answers other than "no I don't recycle on the go because there are no facilities" and "yes I would recycle on the go if there were facilities". Still, have a go here.

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Last Updated 19 November 2008


I fully agree that there should be on the street re-cycling bins. Only sticking point is that, like a lot of other things, they will get all sorts of rubbish in them.

A lot of folk will do the right thing, but there will always be the element who just see it as a bin.

Still in a way at least they'd be seen as a bin, rather than the rubbish being thrown on the ground.