On Curried Squirrel

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On Curried Squirrel

Londonist is a bit soft, as you know: we tend to like all things soft and furry, or even soft and feathery. And so we were a tad concerned when the RSPB approached us with a new spicy marinade for squirrels. Hey, we know Nutkin’s a notorious thief, and perhaps not the average feathered one’s best friend. And as a new uber-healthy curry-house opens in London low-fat squirrel meat could be in demand. But he’s one of our favourite Londoners. Don’t actually think we could cook him. Rather go hungry, mate.

And then we re-read the press release with our pince-nez in place. What the nice bird people are actually suggesting is sprinkling your nuts with chilli (fnarr fnarr). Squirrels, it would seem, don’t like chilli. Or curry powder. Or Tabasco. And apparently birdies don’t’ give a hoot, tweet, or chirrup. Nuts is nuts, and spice is irrelevant. This is exactly what they say, for the urban gardeners amongst you:

Make sure seed mixes are thoroughly coated but not hidden in the powder. Put the powder in a bag with the seed mix and shake it up.

So now you know. Trouble is, if Nutkin's not eating birdie food, he’ll be after people food instead. Best lock up your choc chip cookies.

Squirrel from Simon-K’s Londonist flickr stream. Aww. How could you eat that?

Last Updated 11 November 2008