Anyone Can Fall In Debt

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 122 months ago
Anyone Can Fall In Debt

You wouldn't know it from their Bresson-like hyperrealistic depiction on TV, where Albert Square denizens scrape a comfortable living from the odd hour's work at the local chippy or on a used motor forecourt or by sinking endless pints at a pub that has no right being in business, but east enders are not the savviest lot when it comes to fiscal matters. A survey has revealed that postcodes E1 to E17 are the most heavily indebted in the whole country.

It will similarly come as little surprise to learn that those least in fear of the bailiff's midnight a-knockin' are their near neighbours in the City. If you can afford to live in EC1 through EC4, it's perhaps to be expected that you haven't (yet) had to respond to one of those endearing Carol Vorderman-fronted ads for loans that'll bite you on the backside till kingdom come.

The survey was commissioned by Callcredit, a credit report agency which also offers free advice for the debt-impaired. Donning his soothsayer's cloak and really stepping out on a limb, boss Paul Roberts said: "“Some will be struggling to pay back loans and credit cards taken out over 12 months ago.”. No sh*t, Holmes! We've taken to boarding up the mailbox at Londonist towers for fear the mound of unopened credit card bills will make the hallway impassable.

Photo by StefZ via the Londonist pool

Last Updated 19 November 2008