What’s for Lunch? Le Pain Quotidien

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What’s for Lunch? Le Pain Quotidien

What’s for Lunch? Le Pain Quotidien

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Le Pain Quotidien

18 Great Marlborough Street (Turner Building), W1F 7HS

0207 486 6154

Expect to pay: around £5 for most breads, soups, salads, £10 and up for mains

Call for hours

Ambling around Oxford Circus with a bit of time to kill, Londonist popped into the rustic-lite and spacious Great Marlborough Street location of “daily bread” global franchise, Le Pain Quotidien, for a late morning coffee (a massive Americano for £2.50) and ended up staying for a quick lunch (a warming bowl of Caribbean soup for £4.80). Everything was going fine (we sincerely appreciated the no pressure opportunity to spread out and linger for awhile and take advantage of the free wifi), until we asked for some tap water.

Is a simple glass of water too much to ask for? We forgave our cheery waiter the first time he failed to fulfil our complete order. However, the second time, when he came by just to check if everything was okay and nodded obediently to our “May I please have a glass of tap water?” request … only to shuffle off and never return (another member of the wait staff brought us our bill while we watched our first waiter goof about near the kitchen) … well, we just found that to reprehensible behaviour.

Anyway, the coffee was spot on. The soup was delish and accompanied by a few slices of lovely bread with butter. We’d go back and wouldn’t be averse to trying some of LPQ’s other spots in town and beyond. But if we ever come across the same neglectful waiter again, we’re gonna give ‘im an evil glare.

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Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 21 October 2008