South London Nuns Get Naked for Charity

By Zoe Craig Last edited 125 months ago
South London Nuns Get Naked for Charity

Ahh, we love a good naked headline here at Londonist.

Sadly, the nuns in question don't appear to in the wimple wearing habit, but when did such factual frippery slow us down?

To the real story then: 18 members of Capital NUNS – a London netball club affiliated with the Nottingham University Netball Squad (NUNS) – have stripped off Calendar Girls-stlye, posing against London landmarks, creating a 2009 calendar to raise money for South West London's Trinity Hospice.

The tastefully cheeky photos feature all your classic London locations (Big Ben, the Tube, Trafalgar Square, a black cab), only with a carefully arranged nude netball player into the mix.

Sarah Jenkins, one of the netballers behind the Naked NUNS Calendar explains: "The majority of our membership live and work in South London and the City – so Trinity Hospice is a genuine 'local' charity for us. We have all have experienced at first-hand the life-affirming and positive nature of hospices, so we see fundraising on Trinity's behalf as a very tangible way of giving something back. It also gave us a very good reason to prepare for our dreaded 'close ups' and get our kit off!"

Insert your own "These girls have balls!" gag here.

The Naked NUNS Calendar costs £12, and is available from selected South London shops, Trinity Hospice and some of Trinity's Charity shops. You can also get your naked netballers (with an additional £1.50 for postage and packing) from

Image shows Naked NUNS on the Tube. Courtesy of Wolf Marloh

Last Updated 29 October 2008