Run To The (Soggy) Beat

By Craigie_B Last edited 123 months ago
Run To The (Soggy) Beat

Tomorrow sees London's first proper half-marathon, and this Londonista will be plodding around the new route in the east of our fair city.

The capital has of course always boasted a world-beating marathon course, and earlier this year we acquired our very own dedicated 10k. So it makes sense that we get a half-marathon too.

Tomorrow's 'Run To The Beat' course will snake around no less then three olympic/paralympic venues. The weather looks as though it could be fairly dreadful, so if you pop down mid-morning to the O2, Greenwich Observatory or Woolwich Barracks you won't be seeing these future sportsfields commanded by elite athletes setting world-records. Oh no, they will instead be skirted by 12,500 soggy runners desperately trying to keep going in the face of driving rain.

Oh well, at least we'll all get to run downhill through Greenwich Park at the end. If you want to check out the route, there's a lovely little map up here - together with a handy live results service if you decide to stay in your lovely warm, snug bed with your hot cocoa instead of coming out to support your fellow Londoners.

Next week London gets its second half-marathon around the Royal Parks, which will be both flatter and easier. But will the weather be kinder than it promises to be in 12 hours' time?!

Image from bmfcker's Flickrstream of the kind of running weather we'll dream of, tomorrow. This is not a reliable forecast. Pack your wellies, even though they'd prove hard to sprint in.

Last Updated 04 October 2008