Wettest Race in History

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Wettest Race in History

As previewed here, many of the capital's roads were shut off today to allow for the first proper 10k around the centre of town, which followed part of the marathon route for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. This Londonista signed up to do the race, run by the organisers of the Marathon.

Torrential rain engulfed the course - there was a serious deluge from beginning to end, with some hefty winds mixed in. It has been reported that half the runners didn't turn out, deterred by the dreadful conditions.

The runners area in Green Park became a deep muddy lake before the race had even started. On the course there seemed to be simply too many runners, despite the high drop-off - so many of us were constantly dodging the slower people and getting caught in congestion. Organisational glitches must be corrected for next year - whoever grouped people randomly into different waves to start (not based on predicted times) should be thrown into the Thames wearing nothing but their trainers.

This was not the day for personal bests. The elite runners were astonishing in their speed (possibly even more motivated than normal to reach the finish and a warm, dry VIP area). All those that braved the downpour can be proud that they managed it. Some out-of-Londoners were impressed by running past so many iconic sights in such a short time.

Overall, this Londonista headed home clutching a medal ready for a much-deserved glass of pinotage. Was the race good enough to be held again next year? Not sure - if it does take place, please can someone make sure the weather's nicer? Thanks. Oh yes - and in 2012 too.

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Well done CRAiG! Just going outside today was an effort, let alone running in it.
Maybe there'll be Londonist livery for you to run in next year!


I ran this race yesterday, too! I was near the beginning of the first (red) wave though and the congestion wasn't too bad. I ended up beating my personal best by over two minutes with a finishing time of 51:13 but I swear I felt like I was standing still. For the entire race I was just being overtaken by thousands upon thousands of runners. I would've definitely preferred to run with others of a similar pace...

Still, I had a great time despite the rain and I'll be back next year.


i too did this race and got very wet. the rain spurred me on to run faster and i got a pb of 56 mins. i hadn't realised that the waves were not based on predicted times - this is ridiculous. it was very cramped at the start indeed even for a relatively slow runner like me.
there is a very similar route run every year in July, setting off from hyde park corner and then heading down to the embankment. it's not chipped and again no organised time based running waves but i've never had congestion problems on this. only problem is that the weather can be just too hot and sunny for a good time!