Practically Perfect

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Practically Perfect

0710.evo.jpgOptimists will be glad to note that things have never been better. Pessimists can take heart however, for conversely things will not get any better. We’re talking human evolution here. We are as good as it gets. London, 2008, this is it chaps. According to Professor Jones of UCL, as the human race becomes homogenised, our chances to evolve any further decrease. For it is variety and dissimilarity which generate the possibility for change and mutation. And we have cheated natural selection of its pickings, as life expectancy rates are higher then ever. So enjoy. The professor doesn’t intimate as much, but if we are about to peak, devolution can’t be far behind. Og.

Last Updated 07 October 2008

Tom Williams

Although the argument that we've stopped adapting to our environment seems to hold water, the professor neglects to consider one area in which natural selection still occurs - good looks.

As people with more eye-pleasing features are slightly more likely to procreate, we should, as a species, keep getting better looking. However, since beauty can be a relative measure, and the fashion for what is considered beautiful changes, it might not amount to much.