On Moss Production

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On Moss Production

We love Kate Moss. A supermodel with bags of character. She’s imperfect, she’s beautiful, she’s a Londoner – what’s not to like? We were even thinking of asking her to be the face of Londonist. But we’re really not sure about this Top Shop business.

Last year’s range was so popular that she’s at it again, endorsing a range of clothing based on her own wardrobe. And yesterday’s launch by all accounts generated a spending frenzy the like of which has not been seen since the press started depressing us all with their tales of financial Armageddon (not that we’re actually holding the press responsible for the current downturn, you understand).

It’s a grand idea – hey, if we were clothing moguls instead of impoverished bloggers it would make immediate sense. Respect to Philip Green for gathering the Moss under his wing.

Trouble is, we’re not a nation of Moss-alikes. By any stretch of either the imagination or the waistband. And what looks good on the sylph-like one looks utterly ridiculous on most of the rest of us. There is something desperate and sad about the thought that there will next season be a horde of unbeguilingly panther-bedraped fleshy Top Shoppers tottering over the dancefloors of Pasha. One has to ask what Gok would make of it all.

Piccie from DICKSDAILY’s Londonist flickr stream.

Last Updated 29 October 2008