Lord Mayor In Cat Flap

By Lindsey Last edited 124 months ago
Lord Mayor In Cat Flap

The Lord Mayor of London (yes, turn again, Whittington.... that one) doesn't get much publicity except for when his annual pompous jaunt is on (grandstand tickets already sold out for 8 November I'm afraid, parade fans) and he changes every year anyway. It's a procession of nondescript city gents who've put a lot of wisdom and business acumen into the community, are fond of committees and not averse to big gold chains and scarlet coats who get elected to the gig.

The latest incumbent, however, is grabbing tabloid headlines with a narky neighbour story which practically has his (third, younger, scandalous) wife stealing another's puss. Ian Lude, Mayor elect, has a weekend home in Bedfordshire, where there's been an ongoing domestic dispute over where Fat Cat; portly, ginger, feline next door, would prefer to live. Mrs Lude (the third) thought Fat Cat was considering a permanent move her way and should be allowed to choose where he lives. Fat Cat's original family thought Mrs Lude was driving Fat Cat to an early grave. Or so the Standard seems to suggest.

Drama indeed and Fat Cat has now passed on. We suspect bad blood lingers on in Beds though. People can be jolly proprietorial about pets. However, perhaps once Mr Luder is officially inducted into his office, him and Lady Mayoress will favour Mansion House over their Bedford retreat, thereby laying the issue and poor kitty, to rest.

Mansion House image courtesy of wallyg via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 13 October 2008